Experience a unique voyage onboard Whisper 


Captain: Simon Davidson

Simon has been sailing professionally since 1988. Prior to that, he trained as a boat builder in South Hampton. For fun, he enjoys racing classic yachts and embracing the old traditions of the sea. When he’s not on the water, he enjoys cycling and a fit and active lifestyle. The superyacht industry has taken Simon all around the world, and he is now sharing his experiences with the Whisper team. 

First Mate: Lucila “Lu” Dupey

Born in Argentina, “Lu” is very active and outgoing. Her love for exploration and travel started when she was young and her father built a boat that her and her family traveled on. Since then, she has been all over the world. With a background in economics, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry doing sales and marketing before she got involved in the world of superyachts. She has also been professionally competing and teaching kite surfing and water sports for many years. Lucia is the CEO of the Girls Kite Camp, which promotes the involvement of women in the world of kite surfing. 

Engineer: William Baldwin

Born and raised in Connecticut, Will started sailing at a young age, later racing at a national level. Over the past 25 years, he has cruised, raced and delivered various sailing and motor vessels (ranging from 12 to 52 Meters), covering over 75,000 miles of ocean. Prior to the getting involved in the yachting industry, he built one of the film and television industry's largest post-production facilities. His lifestyle choice as a captain and engineer has allowed him to experience more of the things he loves, sailing, exploring, entertaining and meeting new people from around the world. Will greatly looks forward to doing his part as the engineer and providing guests the best possible experience aboard Whisper.


Chef: Laura Ahlquist 

Laura’s love for the water started at a young age growing up in Long Island, where she was immersed in fishing, digging clams and boating.  Her passion for cooking healthy, fresh and local foods was a gift from her grandfather, who spent Saturdays with her wandering the farms of Long Island. When the opportunity came for Laura to own and operate a charter boat in the British Virgins Islands, she jumped at the opportunity. At present, she works on various yachts and estates around the world.  Today you will still find her at the local farmers markets, sourcing the freshest seasonal items to bring aboard to create a culinary experience for her guests.


Stewardess: Raeme Weldon

Raeme grew up in Ft. Lauderdale into a yachting family and has always had a major interest in the marine industry. Her hobbies have always been centered around water sports, rowing being one of her favorites (she placed sixth in the 2010 Florida State Championships). When she’s not on the water, you can find her practicing martial arts, horseback riding and kickboxing.