Enjoying Beautiful Spice Island - Grenada

This winter we have had the opportunity to entertain charter guests in and around Grenada and The Grenadines.  This is a wonderful sailing area full of beautiful islands, clear blue waters and amazing people.  It is fairly easy to fly into St. Lucia, sail south through The Grenadines and disembark in Grenada.  The opposite direction works too!

From St. Vincent to Grenada

St. Vincent and Grenada, two of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean, make the perfect start and finish for a charter cruise. Dependable tradewinds and quick distances from point-to-point allow Whisper and crew to take guests on an exploration of a variety of different idyllic islands over the course of a week.

Day One: Meet Captain Clive Youlten and crew in St. Vincent and settle in with a tour of the yacht and lunch onboard. Spend the afternoon and evening anchored off Chateaubelair on the west coast of the island. The remote town, a large fishing village with many untouched beaches, epitomizes true Caribbean culture. Cap off the day with a relaxing dinner prepared by Whisper’s Chef Chris Deighan.

Day Two: Explore Chateaubelair’s many local attractions, including Trinity Falls and Darkview Falls to view rock carvings believed to have been left by Carib Indians. For lunch, check out Basil’s Bar and Restaurant for some local fare. Spend the afternoon hiking to the top of La Soufriere volcano, just south of Chateaubelair, to experience its breathtaking views. 

Day Three: Start off your morning with a quick boat trip to the Falls of Baleine, one of St. Vincent’s finest natural wonders. From there, enjoy a lunch cruise to the island of Bequia and anchor in picturesque Admiralty Bay. Tour the island, known as “Tropical Nantucket”, by land before spending the rest of the afternoon on a diving expedition arranged by the Whisper crew.  For dinner, try local treats, including “goat water” soup, Bitter Lemon soda and Hairoun brew at one of the many friendly restaurants on the bay. 

Day Four: Spend the day visiting five tiny uninhabited islands known as the Tobago Cays. Snorkel among an array of coral and fish at Horseshoe Reef—one of the world’s most well-preserved underwater ecosystems—before enjoying a relaxing late afternoon and evening onboard Whisper. 

Day Five: Arrive in Canouan right after sunrise and enjoy a round of golf at the Trump International Golf Club or a morning massage and facial at Raffles’ Amrita Spa. In the afternoon, head to Union Island to hike the island’s largest mountain Mt. Taboi. For dinner, enjoy gourmet dining and panoramic views from La Varenne at the Villa Monte Carlo. 

Day Six: Awake in Grenada and take in the lush surroundings with a morning tour of the island’s many waterfalls. Find out why Grenada is known as the “Isle of Spice” with a walk through the island’s famed Marketplace for lunch. Before dinner onboard Whisper, do some diving or snorkeling at Grenada’s renown Underwater Sculpture Park. 

Day Seven: Start a relaxing final day with some sunbathing and swimming off the yacht. Head to Point Salines, on the southern tip of the island, for lunch at The Aquarium, known as one of the island’s best independent restaurants. Spend the afternoon on the beach and the evening onboard Whisper, enjoying sunset cocktails followed by fine cuisine. Interested in additional destinations and itineraries?